The house cleaners are coming, do I need to clean first?

Clean before the cleaners arrive
How To Prepare For Cleaning Service

The house cleaners are coming. What should you do to prepare before they arrive to get the most out of the cleaning? Here are our top 5 things you can do before the house cleaners arrive to maximize your cleaning. 

1. Clear the bathroom counters 

Most of us keep things on our bathroom vanities. Everyday essentials like toothpaste, hair brush, hairspray, medicine, etc. When your maid or cleaning service cleans your bathroom, it is much easier if those items are put away in the linen closet or under the sink. If things are left all over the counter, your house cleaner will have to take extra time to move all of the items to be able to clean underneath them and then place everything back. It takes a lot of time to do this and if it is done prior to a house cleaning they can focus on more important things that need to be cleaned. 

2. Put your food away 

If you have food left out on the counters, put it away before your house cleaning service arrives. If you have cereal boxes, bread from packing lunches or leftovers out, make sure it is either thrown out or put away. House cleaners don’t know if it’s trash or if it should go into the fridge or pantry. House cleaning services take a lot of time to put these items away and if you are paying by the hour, you end up paying for it in the end. 

3. Wash your dishes

While you are putting away your food, clean up the dishes. If you clean up the dishes from your countertops and sink, it will be more accessible for your house cleaners to be able to effectively clean the countertops, sinks and the fronts of the cabinets. Most cleaners will do the dishes for you, but it does take up a large part of the time they could be concentrating on other tasks you generally can’t get to. 

4. Leave out the linens or make the bed

If you don’t want your sheets changed, go ahead and make your bed before the house cleaners get there. If they don’t have to make the bed, they can focus on more important details like dusting, baseboards, blinds, etc. If you do want the sheets changed, make sure your cleaning lady has a full sheet set ready to be put on. It will save time and confusion if the house cleaners didn’t have to search for them. 

5. Pick up the clutter

Most of us have daily clutter lying around. Things like a jacket on the back of a chair or mail laid around, papers, pens, tissues, blankets all scattered around the home and don’t get me started on the shoes and toys. If those items were picked up prior to the house cleaners arrival, it would help them to do a deeper cleaning and not just superficial cleaning. 

These 5 tips will help your cleaning company maximize the time they are at your home.


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