Park In Marietta GA
McFarlane Nature Park Marietta GA

McFarlane Nature Park is an 11 and a half acre spectacular green space in East Cobb County, Marietta about a half-mile from the intersection of Johnson Ferry Road and Paper Mill Road. Once the heart of widespread agricultural acreage, William and Florence McFarlane bought the property in 1958. Florence died in 1990 and willed the land to the community with the purpose it would be used as a nature park for the community. McFarlane Nature Park is maintained by private donations.

The Master Gardener Volunteer Of Cobb County are the committed horticultural workers. MGVOCC began the project in 1995 with a little native plant garden near the old pump house. The initial garden has been enlarged numerous times with plants rescued by McFarlane volunteers. McFarlane Park is the location of a number of community activities

The park is a tremendous resource for learning about native plants. Birds and butterflies enjoy the nectar, as well as the resident honeybees. All the flora is labeled with both Latin and customary names when they are planted. Rather than just admiring the gardens, guests can learn to identify the flora. GNPS uses McFarlane Nature Park to educate people to identify natives in the wild prior to plant rescues. Separated into various areas, coupled by trails and dotted with benches, it is an enchanting location.


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