Marietta Confederate Cemetery 

Confederate Cemetery Marietta GA
Marietta confederate cemetery

Established in 1863, this was originally the burial ground for 20 Confederate soldiers killed in a train wreck in Marietta. 

Over 3,000 Confederate soldiers who died in other locations during the Civil War were retrieved and reburied in Marietta Confederate Cemetery. By 1902 their wooden markers had deteriorated and numerous names were lost. They were substituted with unnamed marble markers. The names that are known are listed in the Cobb County Georgia Cemeteries book. 

Beginning of the Cemetery

The Confederate Cemetery in Marietta, Georgia started in 1863. Neighboring the older Marietta City Cemetery, the Confederate Cemetery is on a hill looking over the square. This is the final destination for Confederate soldiers from hospitals nearby and the battles of the Atlanta Campaign that happened across Marietta.

Locomotive Wreck

That same year, a train wreck near Emerson, GA brought the war home for the citizens of this tiny Georgia town. The deceased were buried on a hill under an oak tree.

First to be Killed in Battle

When the Marietta operations started, the city got ready for the unavoidable dead. At that point, Marietta had seen the bloodshed of battle numerous times. Confederate injured from Chickamauga were moved through the train station in Dalton to Marietta. Several buildings, including the Kennesaw House, were used as hospitals, and the cemetery took in its first men killed in the war.

In 1864 Marietta became a significant hospital city for the Confederacy, and the amount of deceased in the Confederate Cemetery started to increase. Burials of Confederate soldiers on the grounds continued until July 2, 1864, when General Sherman overtook the city.

Cemetery Upkeep

Throughout the years, the Confederate Cemetery suffered damages. The cemetery became dilapidated over time. However, thanks to the actions of numerous local organizations over the past 25 years, a lot of restorations have been made, bringing the cemetery back to its historical magnificence.  

Marietta GA Cemetery
Marietta confederate cemetery

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