Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning

The kitchen and bathrooms are often the rooms in the house that require the deepest cleaning. They are the most often used and although they should be wiped down daily, it is easy for grease, dirt, and grime to build up over time. 

When hiring a cleaning service the kitchen and bathrooms are the rooms that usually require the most attention and time during a regular cleaning. 

If it has been a while since your last cleaning and you need a deep clean of your kitchen and bathroom, then you need to order a deep cleaning service or a regular service with add ons of what things need a deep clean. If you are needing a move out cleaning, then the kitchen and bathrooms need to be spotless. This is where the keen eye will be during your walkthrough.

Kitchen Cleaning

Eco Friendly Kitchen cleaning

In the kitchen, it is usually the stove and surrounding area and the refrigerator that requires the most work. The stove will have build up of grease and splashes from cooking that can oftentimes be burnt in over time. It takes some real elbow grease and time to get the stove clean. There are some degreasing cleaning products that can help make kitchen cleaning easier, but most on the market oven cleaners are incredibly toxic. In fact, oven cleaners are one of the most toxic cleaning products and are really bad for your health. It doesn’t seem right to spray toxic chemicals on surfaces that you are going to prepare your family meals, but unfortunately, your health comes second to a product that makes things easier, as is often the case in many things. 

At Eco Friendly House Cleaners, we use the good old fashion elbow grease and proper cleaning equipment to do the hard work. No chemicals needed. Sure, if we used the popular oven cleaners like EasyOff, it would make our job easier, but it would be hazardous to your health and the health of our cleaning staff, especially over time.

Some of the tools we use for the oven are metal scrubbing pads and Pumie Sticks. These work well without chemicals and are non toxic. They are handy to have around the house as it is definitely easier to clean right away than having spills burnt in every time you use the oven. 

The refrigerator is a tough one too. First, it has to be emptied of all food, then all drawers and shelves need to be taken out so they can be cleaned properly under running water. Rarely can you clean a refrigerator effectively without taking all the shelves and drawers out. This sometimes causes problems putting it all back together again as some refrigerators can be pretty complex in how they are designed. Again, this should be a chemical-free environment and a good cloth and clean water is all that is needed to clean the fridge.

Warning – If you attempt to clean the refrigerator yourself, be aware that using hot or even warm water on a cold glass surface can cause the glass to shatter into thousands of pieces. Trust me, we know! Another caution is with granite surfaces. A cold glass shelf touched to a granite surface the wrong way can also cause it to shatter. – Be Aware!

Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning Services

We all know that soap scum and mildew can build up quickly in the bathroom and if it is not controlled can become a bigger problem with mold and unsightly black spots on the white chalking. 

Regular spraying of an eco-friendly shower cleaner and a squeegee will help a lot with bathroom cleaning. This should be a daily practice to stop things from getting out of hand. 

If you have not been keeping up with your bathroom cleaning, you will see a build-up of soap scum on the shower doors or on the tub and tiles. 

This is generally easy to get out with a good scrub if not left too long. 

If it has been a while and grout between the tiles is getting red or black, then you may need a harder scrubbing brush to make the difference. Be aware that some brushes will scratch the surface of tiles and can destroy the coating on your tub. Best to use an abrasive like a Magic Eraser, although they do have an active cleaning ingredient in them. There are many on the market that don’t though and just rely on the abrasive quality to remove soap scum. It also works well inside the toilet bowl. 

If the black mold has got inside the caulking, you are almost too late. You can try leaving a soaking paper towel with vinegar or peroxide on it for 10-20 minutes then wipe away. If this doesn’t work, you can try bleach if you care to, but it probably won’t work either. The best option here for a clean look is to remove the damaged caulking and replace it. 

Moral of the story…don’t let it get that bad. 

Use a daily cleaner if you can, if not, call us for regular weekly or biweekly cleaning service.


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