How do you choose a house cleaner

Choosing A House Cleaner

When you are in the cleaning business, you understand that hiring a cleaning service isn’t for everyone. Some people actually like cleaning themselves, others aren’t comfortable with someone else cleaning their bathrooms, although that is rare, and others think it’s a luxury.

The opposite is true for the many that do hire a cleaning service. They hire a house cleaning service because they hate to clean, especially the bathrooms, they don’t have the time or energy to take on the housework on top of their already packed schedules, or they know that hiring a cleaning service offers value and gives them time to do other things that can’t be outsourced. 

For people who choose to hire a house cleaning service, finding the right match is a mindful and personal process that generally includes these 5 tips. 

Begin with Reviews

Hiring a reputable cleaning service is a simple process if one comes recommended by friends, neighbors, or coworkers. Another great way is to check online reviews. Make sure you read what they say and how the business responds. 

Ask the right Questions

Most legitimate cleaning services will give a free estimate of services over the phone or in person. Prior to that, take the opportunity in the beginning of the phone call to ask them the questions that are relevant to you. For example, how many cleaners will come out, how much time is required per house cleaning, the type of products used, if they are licensed and insured?

All of these details are important not only to make sure you are comfortable with the cleaning company but also to outline your expectations for the services provided.

Stay with the Professionals

We aren’t saying this just because we are the professionals, but using a cleaning service that is licensed and insured, dedicated to quality service and upholds those high standards and provides consistent quality, is more beneficial and safer than hiring some fly by night cleaning lady off Craigs or FB Market.

Be Honest about your Needs

When getting a cleaning quote over the phone, be honest about the condition of your home. The quote is being given based on the information you relay. If you say your house is clean and the dust level is low and you have no pets and the cleaning service gets there and it hasn’t been cleaned, dust is everywhere and you have 2 dogs, the quote will be off and you may not have the same experience. 

Go with Your Instincts

In the end, your gut will lead you to how comfortable you are with a particular cleaning service. Continue asking questions until you are satisfied. Be honest in your assessment and concerns. The objective of hiring a cleaning service is to give you back your time, energy, and peace of mind. 

Do not hire a cleaning service if one of these elements is out of place.

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