House cleaning checklist

Checklist for house cleaning

When hiring a cleaning company to clean your apartment, condo or home there are some things that most cleaning companies do and then there are things that they don’t do too that may require extra charges. This is where a house cleaning checklist comes in handy.

It is important to know before you book your cleaning appointment exactly what the cleaning technicians are expected to clean when they get to your home.

Many cleaning companies have a house cleaning checklist of all the tasks they will complete on every visit. This generally includes wiping of horizontal surfaces, dusting surfaces, cleaning and sanitizing the bathrooms and kitchen and vacuuming and mopping floors. 

For many people, this is enough to get their house clean and is perfect for those that need regular cleaning on a weekly of bi-weekly basis. 

For homeowners who do most of the house cleaning themselves and only require some help cleaning every few months there may be a need for a deeper clean where the cleaning techs will get those hard to reach spots that don’t get cleaned on a regular basis. 

Things like baseboards and windows and blinds don’t need more than a quick wipe on a regular house cleaning visit, but if they are not touched for a few months they can certainly accumulate some dust and dirt. 

Make sure you tell your cleaning company that you need this extra service if you get a regular clean as it will take more time to accommodate. This is especially true for eco-friendly cleaning.

If a deep cleaning service is required make sure that your cleaning company is up front with what is covered in a deep clean. Some companies have specific pricing for a deep clean based on square footage or the number of rooms in your home while others will add on a particular service on top of the regular cleaning price for the size of home. 

Either way works, just make sure you are aware of the final price and what will be covered during the deep cleaning. To see a list of our eco-friendly house cleaning services, click here for our checklist. We use the add on approach where you can add the services you need onto our regular cleaning price.


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