Do I need to leave or stay home when the house cleaners come?

Should you stay or leave when the house cleaners come? That is a very common question that we get asked. 

For the most productivity you can get for the money spent, you should leave your home when the house cleaners come. 

For example, let’s say you were at work carrying out your routine and tasks that needed to be done by a certain time frame and your boss came and sat next to you and watched what you were doing. How would that make you feel? You’re not doing anything wrong or wasting time, but now that your boss is watching you and you feel uncomfortable, your work is compromised and it will not only take longer to do, it may not be done as well. 

When the house cleaners come, they are going to move stuff around like your cushions and rugs and cleaning supplies will be about the house as well. We don’t want to have to ask you to leave the room or move off the couch so we can do our job effectively. 

Think about when you’re cooking dinner and the kids come in running around, getting drinks and snacks. You want to tell them to give you space so you can cook. It’s kind of like that for house cleaners

When the house cleaners are cleaning a room they have an efficient routine. They are moving things around, cleaning, putting things back and checking off the list. The house cleaner will work their way out of a room and they will go back to make sure things are finished. If people are in the room in the way, it makes it a difficult process to finish the room the way it needs to be done. 

If you are uncomfortable about leaving the cleaners, just watch them from your security camera app. Most people have a camera system in their homes and it allows you to watch and make sure everything is going correctly without having to actually be in the home. 

So if you are able to leave and take the kids and the dog, it would be best for the fastest most effective cleaning


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