Eco-Friendly House Cleaning Services For Roswell

Residents of Roswell can now have the house cleaning they need without the worry of toxic chemicals being left behind. No bleach, no ammonia or other chemicals that are hazardous to your family and pets. 

Eco Friendly House Cleaners take pride in using non-toxic cleaning supplies while still providing the professional clean you require to keep your home looking great and smelling fresh. 

There have been many advancements in cleaning technology over the years with Vacuums and Microfiber Cloths really improving to make the cleaning process better and more efficient while leaving no chemical footprint. 

Vacuums have complete seal technology now that prevents the dirty air being blown back into the room, like many of the old vacuums still do. This means there is less dust and less cleaning needed. 

Microfiber cloths clean at the microscopic level and remove germs, bacteria, dirt and grime without the need for chemicals. This makes it easier to clean all surfaces from showers and toilets to kitchen appliances and sinks. There is a different microfiber cloth for each job and Eco Friendly House Cleaners have them all. 

When hiring a house cleaning service one of the first things you should do is ask what kind of cleaning materials they use. Many cleaning companies still use toxic chemicals that can not only cause irritation to breathing and skin conditions but can also cause damage to the surfaces they are supposed to clean. Floors, sink tops, granite and fixtures can all be damaged if chemicals are used and not wiped off properly. This can cause immediate staining or damage or can wear away over time with continued use. 

The beauty of using microfiber cleaning to clean your home is that there is only a need for the universal solvent water to scientifically clean better than chemicals and regular cloths. 

By the way, you can’t combine chemicals and microfiber cloths as the chemicals will block the microfiber cleaning function of the cloths so they don’t work properly. 

Our customers love the fact that there are no chemical smells left behind when we leave. Our House Cleaning is Green, Clean, Guaranteed!

Here is a house cleaning review from one of our happy customers

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Cleaners For Stress-Free Living

The need for Maid Service

If you have ever discussed whether or not you should employ a professional maid service, the answer is, without a doubt, yes. Why wouldn’t you want someone else to come and clean your house or apartment? 

Maybe you think hiring a maid service is selfish, and lots of people feel guilt over hiring someone to come in to clean their mess. They think cleaning is a task they should be capable of doing on their own, but honestly, in many instances, it’s a necessity.

Contracting your house cleaning is a way to manage your time more effectively. Hiring a maid service can be economical, even for those on a tight budget.

Whether you are engaged with a family and career, or just want frequent help around the house, hiring a maid service is not only sensible, it can be a lifeline.

The Maids from Eco Friendly House Cleaners will take those annoying and time consuming tasks off your hands and make and change beds as well as handle all the deeper cleaning tasks that will keep your home looking clean and organized. Call for an appointment today. 

Voted Top Quality Maid Service Company For Move In Home Cleaning Based On Reviews From Residential Clients

Regular Maid Service Available Weekly, BiWeekly, Monthly or 24 hour Emergency Same Day Services. 

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Move out cleaning professionals for apartment tenants. 

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Window Cleaning Service For Inside and Outside

Have you considered hiring a professional window cleaning service for your home or office, and perhaps you are thinking about doing it yourself?

 Here are three things to consider before climbing that ladder for a day of DIY window cleaning: 


Are you able to safely clean the outside, hard-to-reach windows?

Do you have the right equipment?


Window cleaning is a time-consuming chore. Key factors that play into hiring professionals are your time and ability. 


Many household cleaners will leave streaks you’ll have to see until the next time you are able to clean the windows.

Clean windows enhance the overall look of your home or business and make it sparkle, but there’s more to it than just appearance.

Hiring a professional window cleaning service will save you time

Cleaning your windows can be a difficult process.

Hiring a professional window cleaner will cut your time in half. Plus, you won’t have to do it yourself.

Professional window cleaners can spot general issues

Are you aware not only do clean windows enhance the overall appearance of your home, but it can also spot early warning signs of possible dangerous conditions? 

Spotting the issues early can save you a big expense later and it could even save your life.

A professional window washer can identify issues like ill-fitting window screens, window frames that are painted shut, damaged windows, and even rotten wood on the window sills.

Removing insect infestations

Frequently, hornets and bees will build their homes behind the shutters on the windows and wasps build their nests between the storm windows. 

Ladybugs like to build nests in window channels, making it hard to operate properly.

Extending the life of a window

Old aluminum screens will accumulate sediment on the glass.

The build-up on the glass is not only unsightly, but it will weaken the glass and make the glass easier to crack and chip.

A professional window cleaning service can revive the glass and extend your window’s life with specific cleaning treatments.

Window cleaning services bring the proper supplies and tools

Professional window cleaners can protect against damage by using the proper supplies and equipment.

For example, using an ammonia-based cleaner on leaded or stained glass could become clouded that can’t be fixed. Also, you could scratch the glass if you use the incorrect tools.  

Professional window washers also have the correct equipment, like ladders and extension tools, to safely and properly clean high windows.

Best Window Cleaners in Roswell GA

Compare our Top Quality Service to Fish Window Cleaners or Sunshine or Ambassador Window Cleaning. Check out our reviews online

We do Commercial Window Cleaning and Residential Window Cleaning. 

Call For An Appointment today and one of our window cleaning professionals will give an estimate of the cost of your job. Big or small, we can do it all. 

Gutter Cleaning Service

You may be asking yourself, is gutter cleaning necessary?

Well, a clogged gutter can cause damage to your home if left unattended. The water can pour over the edge of the gutter when clogged and fall at or near the foundation of your home causing structural damage over time. 

A functional gutter also serves to control the flow of rainwater to protect your roof, walls, and landscape. A clogged gutter can quickly turn into larger problems that could lead to a hefty bill. 

How often should your gutters be cleaned? 

We recommend at least twice a year. Once in late spring and again in late summer/fall. 

If your house is in a particularly forested area with many trees around, then it is recommended once a quarter. Remember, a properly functioning gutter system is going to prevent numerous other problems, so it is something you should not ignore. 

How long does it take to clean gutters? 

If you are trying to clean the gutters yourself, then it will take several hours to properly clean the gutters for an average home. It is important to have the right equipment and of course safety procedures in place to make sure there are no accidents. 

Professional gutter cleaners have all the tools needed to perform the task in the least time possible while doing a quality job. There is also a lot of clean up which can take just as long if you are not familiar with the best system. Our gutter cleaning teams are highly experienced and efficient in cleaning gutters and tidying up all in the least amount of time so it is less intrusion to your life. 

Call today to schedule a gutter cleaning for your home. 

Top quality gutter cleaning system for residential or commercial customers. We have the best professional gutter cleaning company in Metro Atlanta. 24 Hour cleaning services for Emergency situations. Green Cleaning Service. Advanced Gutter cleaning equipment for Ace Service. We are the experts you can trust. 

Air Duct Cleaning Service

Post Construction Cleaning

One of the most important jobs at the end of construction is getting the building in a condition to present to the owners or to prepare for an opening. Construction can leave behind a huge mess that can be very difficult to clean effectively. It takes a special cleaning company that specializes in post construction clean up to perform a professional clean. There are all different tools and equipment necessary for post construction cleaning than normal cleaning and many cleaning companies are not prepared for a big job. 

One factor that is overlooked by many cleaning companies when it comes to post construction cleaning is that the air filters and ducts need cleaned or they will continue to blow out dust from the construction that can take a few days to weeks to clean naturally. 

A good air duct cleaning will draw the dust out of the air and prevent it settling all over the new furniture and floors. 

Ignoring this step can mean then area will need cleaned again many more times which can add to the expense. 

Whether it is an addition to the home or a remodel, a good post construction cleaning is required. Bigger commercial construction jobs for retail spaces or new building will require multiple cleanings to get the area ready for opening day. 

Some of the tasks that post construction cleaning include are:

  • Removing tape, tarps, and plastic coverings
  • Window and glass cleaning 
  • Dust and debris removal
  • Sweeping and vacuuming of all floors and window sills
  • Removal of extra drywall, wood, metal, debris, and other junk
  • Removing cutouts, boxes, screws, nails, paper and pallets from construction area
  • Scrub and clean tiles, sinks, polish stainless steel, wipe walls
  • Sweep entire interior of unit
  • Wash interior window glass
  • Remove labels and protective plastic from all areas
  • Dust baseboards, sills, cabinets
  • Clean counter tops
  • Sweep and mop finished floors

Eco Friendly House Cleaners offer top quality professional post-construction cleaning services for commercial and retail spaces as well as residential remodeling projects. Our green cleaning, environmentally cleaning system provides the best results. Air duct cleaning for residential and commercial. Call for a price as the cost is different for every project. An appointment is necessary for the cleaning quote. Check our reviews online. Emergency service, same day cleaning and 24-hour service available upon request. 

Carpet Cleaning Service – Natural Green Clean Guaranteed

You may be curious if hiring a carpet cleaning service is needed.

Think about all the dirty things that hide deep down inside your carpet, from allergens and microorganisms to dust and bacteria.

The carpet in your home is probably a waste dump of germs awaiting its next victim. Sounds theatrical, but the majority may not understand their carpets are an incubator for diseases. 

Regular maintenance like vacuuming and spot cleaning are not sufficient enough to keep bacteria and germs away. A professional carpet cleaning service is the only way to eliminate the debris that is in the carpet fibers.

It sounds unusual, who would ever think that soiled carpet can impede the airflow across your home?

When the carpet gets jammed with dirt and debris, it will obstruct the air from flowing in particular areas of the home. This issue will eventually make rooms stuffy.

Vacuuming only can’t remove the bacteria that has been ground into the fibers.

A professional carpet cleaning service has the correct equipment to eliminate the ground in debris so the air will start flowing in your home correctly, which will improve the air quality. 

Many of the carpet cleaning companies today still use toxic chemicals to clean. They are not necessary. Quality results can be achieved without chemicals and often the chemicals cause problems with the airflow in the carpet resulting in more frequent cleaning. 

Eco Friendly House Cleaners offers move out carpet cleaning. Apartment carpet cleaning. Deep Carpet cleaning. Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning. We strive to be the best, top quality cleaning in the Atlanta metro area and don’t use chemicals like Citrus or Chemdry. Our carpet cleaning system is pet friendly, child safe and organic. Prices, reviews, cost, coupons can be found online. 

Same day service, emergency carpet cleaning and regular service available for residential and commercial jobs. Call for a quote and appointment. 

Commercial Cleaning Service You Can Rely On

Many companies will do minimal cleaning, but are you aware that employing a commercial cleaning service can save you money? 

 The majority of people spend their waking hours at work. Allergens and germs hide in the carpet, dirt and dust accumulates on the surfaces and blinds, and then there are the restrooms.  

These concerns could potentially lead to your staff becoming ill and less effective. Removing the bacteria on a regular basis could help increase employee morale and lead to healthier, livelier employees.

Have you been considering hiring a commercial cleaning service for your company? 

You know the old saying, you only have one chance to make a first impression. One chance to prove to that future customer that you know how to handle their needs, because you handle yours. 

If your prospective client or customer comes into your location and it’s in chaos, do you think they will have faith in you with their needs? From soiled carpet to excessive trash, nobody wants to work with a business who can’t take care of themselves. Nevertheless, if your company looks and smells lovely, their assurance level goes up and they will have confidence in you with their needs.

While the varieties of businesses that need commercial cleaning differ, from office buildings to hotels, here is a list of some of the most overlooked companies that need service:


It is obligatory for schools to have cleaning services, even the smaller private schools and daycare facilities. Employees are not equipped or qualified to correctly sanitize these facilities. 

Medical and Dental Offices

Are you aware, small medical facilities and dentist offices are obligated to the strict OSHA requirements that large hospitals have? Commercial cleaning service is not negotiable for these types of businesses.

Restaurants and Bars

Most restaurants and bars will have their staff perform daily cleaning. However, it is very crucial to have professionals come in and maintain the strict health codes. 

Fitness Centers

From gyms to yoga studios, does this one need explanation?  


Places of worship needs regular professional cleaning the same as any place of business. Rubbish gets thrown in spots where you may not consider looking if you clean yourself. The bathrooms and floors need regular cleaning to keep it free from debris and bacteria. 

Retail Stores

Most retail stores will keep up appearances, but without commercial cleaning, dust will accumulate on the display racks, light fixtures, mirrors, etc. The POS systems will get dusty and contain lots of germs if not properly and regularly cleaned.  

Eco Friendly House Cleaners knows the importance of keeping your business sanitized– for health and productivity, and to make a good first impression for future clients or customers that visit your business. We offer a quality guarantee and we are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

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We offer daily, weekly, bi weekly, monthly emergency and 24-hour commercial cleaning service.

Janitorial Cleaning Service

What is the difference between janitorial service and commercial cleaning? 

Commercial cleaning is usually a deep clean that is done only a few times per year, while janitorial cleaning may be done a few times a week or even every day. 

Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is one type of cleaning that janitors can be used for. 

They will generally go into the office and do the daily to weekly cleaning such as empty waste baskets, clean desks, floors, bathrooms, common areas, kitchen and carpets. 

Office cleaning can make a big difference to productivity in the workplace. Just having a clean environment is enough to increase focus and production. Seeing things that need to be cleaned can be a distraction to many employees causing them to get up and do it themselves and take away from work time and focused attention. It can take a lot of time to get back into the frame of mind of working after being distracted. 

For health reasons too, office cleaning is vital to increased productivity. There are less days missed through illness, less coughing and distractions to other employees and an overall happier environment, which has also been proven to add to the productivity of staff. 

Eco Friendly House Cleaners offer top quality and professional office cleaning services. Weekly, bi-weekly, daily, monthly appointments available as well as one time service for parties or event cleaning. Our green, eco-friendly cleaning products clean best when used with highly reviewed and trusted e-cloths. Call for an appointment today. 

Pressure Washing Service

Pressure washing is a service that is needed occasionally but can make a big difference to a house or business to have pressure washing done even once a year. 

Some of the most common uses of pressure washing or power washing are:

Driveways, Garage floors, concrete or tile patios, decks, siding of houses or entranceways, stairs or walkways, fences, etc. 

Pressure washing can also be good for cleaning bigger objects like cars, boats, bikes, trailers, lawnmowers and other garden furniture. 

Generally, when it comes to pressure washing a house, once a year is enough to keep the mold and mildew away and get rid of cobwebs, insect nests and pests. If the home is surrounded by bushes or brush it may be necessary to pressure wash more often. 

Be cautious if trying to power wash a home or driveway yourself as irreversible damage can occur by using too much power or the wrong cleaning solutions. 

Eco Friendly House Cleaners offer top quality pressure washing service to Metro Atlanta residential or commercial buildings. We have some of the best professional pressure washers who perform many services for our clients. Call for an appointment today. 

Roswell GA is a city in Metro Atlanta in North Fulton County. Roswell is the eighth largest city in Georgia and has an affluent historic district. Roswell is located in northern Fulton County at 34°2′2″N 84°20′39″W (34.033896, −84.344028). It is bordered to the north by Milton, to the northeast by Alpharetta, to the east by Johns Creek, to the southeast by Peachtree Corners in Gwinnett County, to the south by Sandy Springs, to the west by unincorporated land in Cobb County, and to the northwest by the city of Mountain Park and by unincorporated land in Cherokee County. The southern boundary of the city follows the Chattahoochee River.

Roswell is a fairly wealthy area of Georgia with a median income of over $87,000. 

The majority population is between 30 and 60 years old and split evenly between male and female.

Roswell’s local public schools are part of the Fulton County School System.

Elementary schools are Esther Jackson Elementary School, Hembree Springs Elementary School, Mimosa Elementary School, Mountain Park Elementary School, Northwood Elementary School, Roswell North Elementary School, Sweet Apple Elementary School, Hillside Elementary School, River Eves Elementary School, and Vickery Mill Elementary School

Middle schools include Crabapple Middle School, Elkins Pointe Middle School, Holcomb Bridge Middle School

High schools: Roswell High School, Centennial High School

Private schools: Creative Montessori School, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, Chrysalis Experiential Academy, Cottage School, Cross of Life Montessori School, Eaton Academy, Fellowship Christian School, High Meadows School, Queen of Angels Catholic School, Village Montessori, The Howard School (North Campus), St. Francis High School, Jacob’s Ladder Neurodevelopmental School & Therapy Center (Roswell Campus), Regina Caeli Academy, Swift School

Eco Friendly House Cleaners proudly service the whole Roswell area for residential and commercial cleaning services. 

Roswell GA Old Mill Park

Where nature, history and contemporary facilities merge, Roswell creates a tapestry of memories you will cherish forever. Roswell’s 640-acre Historic District is full of Southern Trilogy home tours, epic ghost walks, spectacular festivals, mouth-watering restaurants, awe-inspiring arts, and marvelous shopping. The idyllic Chattahoochee River, woodland paths, quagmire boardwalks and tranquil bicycling add to the fun. Relish that initial bite of one of the culinary delights and you will know why foodies praise Roswell. The city’s location together with the Chattahoochee River makes it perfect for outdoor fun, and the downtown is bursting with shops and restaurants. Here is a list of my favorite things in Roswell, GA. 

Alive In Roswell
On the third Thursday of each month from April – October the best street party in metro Atlanta is found along Canton Street, the grounds of Roswell City Hall and in Historic Town Square.  

Douceur de France

You don’t have to journey to Paris to enjoy authentic French pastries! Douceur de France is operated by a French pastry chef that uses only the best ingredients and focuses on flavor, not just appearance to recreate the taste of French Pastries with a level of sophistication suitable for the finest palette. Combined with local ingredients and imported favorites with a passion for making pastries in the French tradition, Douceur de France is a splendid French experience that will delight any foodie. 

Old Mill Park in Roswell
At Old Mill Park, a spot along Vickery Creek where Roswell’s first cotton mill was built and where remnants and ruins sit today. The covered bridge will take you through the twisted remains of a building original of the Roswell Manufacturing Company. Go a little further toward a 30-foot dam, that will be roaring with water. Go a bit further up the trail, and you’ll come across the tranquil area atop the dam, a great spot to attempt skipping stones. There are so many Instagrammable moments at Old Mill Park.

Chattahoochee Nature Center 
The Chattahoochee Nature Center is a 127-acre, award-winning, interpretive center devoted to ecological education. Guests especially appreciate the new Discovery Center Museum and Nature Exchange with hands-on learning displays that tell the Chattahoochee River’s story. Guests are welcome to enjoy a picnic, walk the woodland trails, wander through spectacular butterfly and native flora gardens or explore the river boardwalk while watching native animals. A documentary movie “Re-Imagine the Chattahoochee” is shown every day in the theater, and educational programs emphasize ecology and natural science.

Leita Thompson Memorial Park
Leita Thompson Memorial Park is a splendid natural area, preserved by the city of Roswell, with a sparkling lake, miles of hiking trails that lead you within the forest, past fields and over charming creeks. there’s a vast array of wildlife that can be spotted in the park from owls to deer. Whether you want to go fishing or just meander through the tranquil park, it’s a perfect spot for anyone to relax and enjoy nature.

Shamrock Manor Equestrian
Learn from a seasoned showjumper and big equestrian medal finalist that specializes in Jumpers and Equitation. Horseback riding lessons from beginner to advanced are offered from the best instructors around.

Grand Champion BBQ
Grand Champion provides award-winning BBQ with an emphasis on the natural flavors of the meat paired with classic and flavorful side items. All meat is smoked throughout the night and served fresh daily. With locations in Roswell, Milton, and Atlanta, Grand Champion BBQ was named one of the top 13 BBQ spots in the nation by Zagat.  

Stay Clean Roswell

Here are some of the popular neighborhoods in Roswell, GA.

Most expensive Roswell neighborhoods

  1. King Rd / Chaffin Rd
  2. Brookside Dr / Steeplechase Ln
  3. Mabry Rd NE / Huntridge Dr NE
  4. City Center
  5. Woodstock Rd / N Coleman Rd
  6. Greenway
  7. Wesley Chapel Rd / Loch Highland Pky NE
  8. Hardscrabble Rd / Chaffin Rd
  9. Newtown
  10. Amber Leaf Dr / Crabapple Lake Dr

Eco-Friendly House Cleaners offer cleaning services to Roswell, GA

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  • Service Metro Atlanta area including Buckhead, Brookhaven, Marietta, Dunwoody, Powder Springs, Austell, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Smyrna, John’s Creek, Cobb County, North Fulton County, Cherokee County GA
  • 24 Hour Emergency Cleaning Service available
  • Same Day, Weekly, Biweekly and One time deep clean at affordable prices
  • Check the cost of other cleaning companies and review our online reviews
  • Our residential cleaning in Georgia is top rated


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