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What does a move out cleaning include?

Move out cleanings are designed to get your home or apartment back into the condition it was when you moved in. It is generally the last thing that you would do before handing in your keys or before the house is sold. 

A move out cleaning is done when all the furniture and household items have been removed from the home. There should be nothing in the drawers, cabinets or refrigerator or there may be an extra charge for extra cleaning and hauling away of trash. 

Many cleaning companies have a cancelation policy of 24-48 hours, so if your home is not ready for the cleaning team, you may want to try and reschedule. 

How long does a move out cleaning take? 

Generally, a move out cleaning is going to take quite a few hours. Obviously this all depends on the size of the home and the condition of the home, but a move out cleaning is designed to cover as much of the square footage of the home as possible from floors to ceilings and walls and everything in between. The cleaning company will schedule time and team members to complete the job, based on their cleaning checklist in the time allotted, so it is important there are no surprises. This is when there will be an extra charge or cancelation fee if the home is not ready to be cleaned. 

How much does a move out clean cost?

The cost is going to vary, but it is equivalent to a deep cleaning in that it is going to take longer than a regular clean. This is true, even if you think it just requires a quick wipe down and vacuum. Every cleaning company should have a move out cleaning checklist and will be responsible to check off each task. 

You can expect to pay a good amount for a move out clean. Prices may range from around $159 for a small condo/apartment to several hundred for larger homes. 

Cleaning companies try to base their prices on the time it takes and the difficulty level for each job. Move out cleanings are often some of the toughest tasks for a cleaning company to do well as many customers haven’t had a good clean in a while and expect the cleaning company to perform miracles in an hour. 

You get what you pay for and the more work involved, the more you will be expected to pay to have a quality move out clean. 

Does a move out clean include carpet cleaning?

A move out clean generally does not include carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning is often a different service and not performed by a house cleaning company. Some companies have included it in the business plan, but for most, it will be a completely different charge and should be done after the move out cleaning has been completed. 

So, if you need a move out cleaning for an apartment, condo or house make sure to get the price and the expectation of the condition of the home first to get the most accurate cleaning quote. Do what you can to get the home free from clutter and let us do the rest!


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