Deep Cleaning Service- Do you need a deep clean?

Deep clean

Hiring a cleaning company to clean your home is sometimes a necessary task. Some people like to keep to do that on a regular basis, others only when things get a little out of hand. If you are one of the latter, then your home will likely need a deep cleaning service. 

What is a deep cleaning service? 

Well, deep cleaning is different than a normal cleaning in that it is designed to get some of the areas of the house that don’t get touched in a regular clean or if you are doing the daily touch up cleaning yourself. 

Things that often get missed and require a deep clean are things like fans, air duct returns, baseboards, shelves and cupboards as well as a deeper clean of floors and quite possibly carpet cleaning service. 

The tasks performed during a deep clean are much more laborious than regular cleaning and therefore take more time and effort to do properly. Often times there is a need for more specialized cleaning equipment and products to get your home as clean as possible. 

Expect to pay at least 50-75% more than a regular cleaning price for your size home for a deep clean. Alternatively, you can add on individual jobs to the regular cleaning service, such as baseboards and oven if you think your fridge and cupboards don’t need a deep clean. 

As with all cleaning services, it is important to know in advance just what is expected from the cleaning technicians when they arrive. They need specific instructions to follow if cleaning is chosen on an individual task basis rather than the blanket deep clean. 

How often do you need a deep clean? 

A deep clean is recommended quarterly if you don’t have a regular cleaning service. That way, each time your cleaning company comes for a deep clean they are getting all the areas that require a good clean, like kitchens and bathrooms, every few months. 

If you have a regular cleaning service then maybe once a year would be enough. Either a good spring clean or right before the holidays seem to be the most popular times for deep cleaning. 

The best advice is to schedule your deep cleaning service in advance to make sure that your cleaning company can schedule you into their regular cleaning rotation. It will either take more time or require more people to perform a good deep cleaning, so the more advance notice the better. 

I hope this helps out making the decision of whether to ask for a deep cleaning service or just a regular cleaning service. 

We aim to please and do our best to make you a happy client but realize the different needs and work involved in a deep clean and that of a regular clean. 

To schedule a deep cleaning service, call (404) 422-9679 to talk to a booking specialist about your needs.


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